Young folks are amazing. They will be able to match technology without actually “breaking a sweat”, even though the rest associated with us struggle with a few of the “easiest” of electronic technologies (remember the times of programming the VCR? tried your current luck with TIVO yet? ).

Typically the simple truth of the matter is that younger people have the advantage; they may be submerged in the new technologies. They have been since delivery. For the relax of us, luckily, we have all those “younger people” to describe things to people!

I possess compiled some sort of brief set of questions that contain a few of the “hot” items plus “buzz” words frequent within the songs technology culture associated with our students. Have hiipaa compliance consulting services and discover how well you have assimilated the new music solutions of our current youth.


Instructor: Prof. Pisano

Questions one, lesson one- Music technology used by our youth

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one Is “Pandora” still only associated with misery and a box in your mind?

two. Does the phrase “bit torrent” appear to be something that was in a Star Wars movie or perhaps can you dissect it and redefine the term straight into something a tiny more current?

three or more. Do… “YouTube”?

5. Is a “lime wire” just a green corroded battery wire in an unused transistor radio of yours?

5. Several of your students scribble on their own tests, do an individual know if any of them are “scrobbling? inch

6. Is “ripping” something you still simply do with the saw or report product? Does it “ring” some other “tones” in your brain?

7. “last. fm”? What! are an individual “Sirius”?

8. Carry out the acronyms L. I. A. The. and D. 3rd there’s r. M. strike concern into the hearts of your respective students intended for some law that they might be smashing?

9. iPod, Yoga or Zune, which usually do you prefer?

10. Is “napster”, just another nickname to your extremely sleepy child or can you “search” a little further with your archives and come up with something otherwise?



1. “Pandora” is usually a totally cost-free, “web 2. zero?, radio service that will learns what music you prefer by manual and automatic transmissions the options of music to the Music Genome Project.

2. “bit torrents” are courses that use a specific protocol allowing the particular sharing of tunes, video and also other files over the Internet by dissecting these people into smaller parts and sending these people in chunks.

3 or more. “YouTube” is a great extremely popular movie hosting web web site. Due to know just what or “who” you may find within a video now there.

4. “Lime Wire” is a “peer to peer” peer to peer client that will be used to share songs and other press files across the web. Lime Wire continues to be recently uncovered to numerous regulation suits initiated by R. I. The. A. (see range 5).

5. “Scrobbling” is a solution to monitor the music that you will be listening and talk about checklist with other people. last. fm makes use of this technology extensively (see number 7).

6. “Ripping” is the procedure for “lifting” the music through your CDs or typically the video files from your own DVD and documenting it for your challenging drive or various other type of safe-keeping device. One extremely popular program with regard to ripping is “winamp”.

“Ringtones” are 1 of the hottest items available for your cell phone. They are customizable sounds for the phone that are enabled when someone calls you.

seven. “last. fm” is a website employing “web 2. 0? technology to offer you with a web radio. This serv

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