A wireless print server is basically a device that allows a printer to be shared on a radio network. Just to offer you an idea on how this device works, let’s say your connected through the web using WiFi (wireless internet ) as well as your printer is in the other room, That’s where the handy dandy wireless printer server will come in.

If the print server is installed and connected to your router,You can then simply print something from your laptop and go out to another room and grab it from the printer. A radio printer server can be compatible with most printers and can allow usage of printing, scanning, faxing, and copying. The best part is that users connected through the network can print anytime!

Security is a big benefit as your wireless data is encrypted of all print servers. In wireless printers for laptops that’s not enough, the unit come with a user friendly setup wizard for easy installation. You could find many brands out nowadays, The most common ones are linksys, netgear, lexmark, HP, epson, & dell type servers.

My favorite out of them all is the linksys print server as it’s the easiest to use for me, but all of them are great. They’re pretty affordable too, I’ve seen many of them run anywhere from $40-$150. But anyways, That’s what this device is centered on pretty much the bottom line is.

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